Emma Harris – April 2019

I was feeling low in confidence especially with my new job, as I’d been having a strong sense of impostor syndrome, which actually was a starting point where I explored other feelings as well.

Sessions were a little scary to begin with, but I felt it was super useful to talk through my feelings to someone that would listen without judgement and understand my worries and see them as legitimate. Being able to discuss various aspects of my life helped me understanding why I was feeling the way I did.

Being able to explore my feeling with Annette really helped me understand where I was in my life, what had got me to that point and really joining the dots with my feelings, at first they felt quite isolated but there was a lot of related points between the different aspects of my life.

When discussing all the things we did and discovering they are all intertwined, having an impact on each other. Whilst being able to connect with myself using certain exercises like the wheel of the life, was really helpful. Making things seem more manageable. Which gave me a holistic vantage point making me feel like I could tackle what my problems were.

Life is looking more optimistic after having my time with Annette, it’s been great to start exploring how I felt, and trying to find answers to the questions I have. Which has helped me take control and feel more empowered. I know that I need to take my time to make real positive changes to my life. And Annette has really helped give me the tools to do that.