Anon – June 2019

I was having marital difficulties with my husband and wanted to explore leaving the relationship but I have been unable to do so because of my current financial difficulties.

With assistance from Annette I decided to work on developing my career in order to increase my financial situation to enable me to manage my marital issues with a clearer outlook.

When I have tried to solve the problem alone it became overwhelming and made it impossible for me to find options.

Working with Annette has made me feel strong, focused, and above all, I discovered the power in my thoughts. Annette has taught me how to change my thoughts and how this change my feelings.

I realised the sessions were helping me solve my problem was when I decided to go to a couple therapist. I began working on my coaching business looking at how I could attract clients and attend training opportunities to increase my coaching activities.

Although, I have much work to do, I feel hopeful and that I am the best accomplice of myself.