Allison Barker – April 2019

I had identified a number of areas in my life that I wanted to change.  Two of those areas were my failure to teach my children how to cook mainly because I didn’t feel confident in myself and also the sedentary lifestyle that I had developed with absolutely no exercise.

It was the combination of me approaching a significant age together with my son leaving home for university that led me to face the realisation that I needed to make changes urgently and that if I didn’t do it now I never would.  It felt demoralising to me that I was creating a poor model for my children and not equipping then with the life skills that they needed. Regarding my inert lifestyle, I felt sluggish both physically and mentally.

Annette was able to help unlock the solution to the way forward for me.  She was non-judgemental and provided me with achievable steps towards achieving my goals.  Annette also suggested using the same means of organisation as I do in my work which made perfect sense.   My change was not immediate but she was patient and supportive.  As we scheduled in the following appointments,  it was also useful for me to have someone whom I was accountable to.

I realised that I had made positive changes when I found myself absolutely embracing cooking – going out of my way to try different recipes. This is something I had never done before.   I have also now managed to get my children involved; not as much as I wanted to but it is definitely improving as time progresses. In relation to exercise, I have now invested in a cross trainer and have implemented it as part of my daily routine. Starting off the day with exercise has been invigorating and enables me to feel more energised throughout the day. 

On a more general level, having now achieved tangible goals, I feel more confident about setting myself new sights by adopting the same methods that Annette used with me.

Ultimately I would fully recommend investing in Annette’s life coaching. She has literally changed my life.