Overcoming a set back

a set back

Have you suffered a set back and thought nope I am retreating!

Over the years I have been the victim of set backs. I had a plan and a vision to follow BAM! I have an unexpected car bill taking me off my financial course.

I got myself back on track… I revisited my vision board, set goals and embarked upon my journey to launch my offerings as an Empowerment coach BAM!

Sinusitis issues said hello!

My sinusitis issues have impacted upon all aspects of my life for many months: Personal, physical, professional, financial and spiritual. I was not able to operate due to low energy from sleepless nights, headaches and feeling congested.

I had to battle self pity and the fear of loosing my job because I had taken too many sick days.

I decided I could not let this setback keep me off track.

How I overcome set backs:

  • I had to accept my current circumstances with no judgement.
  • Realise everyone has set backs and to look at the opportunity the set back has created.
  • Make time to meditate and journal to release emotions.
  • Express gratitude.
  • Understand the longer I sit in set back the longer it will take to achieve my vision.

I still have days when I feel as though I will continue to suffer with headaches and lethargy.

I find comfort knowing I can make a comeback because this set back is not personal. It is the opportunity to learn and grow.

What set backs have or are you experiencing? What has been useful for you to overcome a setback?

Remember if you have any questions or require assistance get in touch because I am here to support you.