Reconnecting using small changes

I have been thinking about how I can make small changes that will create positive shifts in my life.

To start I thought about how I could develop nurturing relationships with my family and friends. My relationships did take a back seat to adulting.

You might ask how can this be achieved with minimal effort?

First of all, I set aside time to look at my calendar. Asking myself what is going on?

Secondly I asked how often can I spend time with loved ones – once a week/ month/ couple of months?

Now that was settled.

I created a list of activities that can be done with loved ones to create memories.

My list:

Nature walks.


Catch up at a new restaurant.

Live music event.

I read about taking keep sakes to help think about that special moment. I thought that was a beautiful idea.

I made a note in my journal about my special moments. It was useful to review how these small steps improved my relationships and wellbeing. I felt amazing!

Perhaps you could do the same –

How did it feel arranging time together? What did you do?

Why did you choose that activity?

Do you feel your relationship improve by spending time together?

How did you feel about yourself?

If you are able to take mementos you can create a scrapbook that can be used in conjunction with your journal.

I would love to know how it felt reconnecting with loved ones. Perhaps you could take a picture of your scrap book?

Thank you for reading.

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