Starting over

Starting over is a scary concept and many people would rather stick with what they know rather than switching things up to live authentically and in a state of fulfillment. I found myself choosing to stay rather than making the change to live a life that made me feel alive. Burnout was my savior, I recall sitting in my car crying because I was worrying about the commute home and what tomorrow would bring. Dread filled my heart. How I felt impacted upon my relationship suddenly I was too tired to make an effort all too often I would come home from work and go to bed. I needed to live life on my terms. I made the decision to start over.

What happened next?

I resigned from my job with the goal of working in a role that allowed me the time to invest in my passions and relationships. It was difficult making the transition because a myriad of feelings arose doubt, fear and alone.

My pursuit of self awareness began.

During that difficult time I re-evaluated who I was by listing my priorities, completed personal SWOT, developed vision board and created a persona highlighting her personality, ideal life and ideal day. All to gain clarity. I also reviewed my finances eliminating unnecessary spending and devised strategies to comfortably pay off debts. Throughout my self awareness process I made an effort to speak about my feelings with my partner. He became my support system and sound board to explore possible challenges, upcoming plans and ideas on my journey.

How to start starting over?

  • Evaluate who you are.
  • List your priorities.
  • What is your legacy?
  • Devise a vision board ( I have a blog post 🙂 on this topic).
  • Confide in someone about your thoughts and feelings along your journey of starting over.
  • Make it gradual and planned.

Unfortunately I found myself confronted with two family members being diagnosed with cancer and losses. Those experiences further impacted upon my view of mortality and how I was living my life. I had to take a moment to unpick my emotions and somewhat selfish perspective when I was initially told devastating news. It took a lot of soul searching and discussions with my loved ones for the weight on my heart to be lifted.

Despite the highs and lows I have been able to reconnect with myself and carve a life out of love. Truly understand life is not linear and to be flexible in my approach.

I would recommend starting over if you feel trapped, overwhelmed and stressed. There are many degrees of starting over it could mean starting over with your health. It is about what is important to you.

Starting over could lead to a life you love.

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