Who am I?

It turns out I am many things. I am an advocate, coach, sister, girlfriend, daughter, granddaughter and more.

For many years I struggled to figure out who I was. I was not easy on myself. I wanted to look like or be like someone else.

I allowed society to brain wash me to think I was not good enough being a dark skinned girl. In the face of colorism I hated what I saw in the mirror. I constantly questioned why wasn’t I lucky enough to have light skin or have that ambiguous look so I could blend in.

Many years I was in that state of unrest.

I can pinpoint when I came across speakers Lisa Nichols I believed if she could change so could I.

I started to ask myself questions and spend more time alone to get to know me.

I meditated.

I journaled.

Basically I spent time with myself by myself. No distractions.

Asking myself…who was I? What impact did I want to make in the world? What did I like or dislike and most importantly why? What gave me life?

As I began to break it down I started to accept my darkness and my difference.

I realised who I was. I grew to love my differences because that was what made me who I am.

Take a moment to ask yourself:

◦ Who are you?

◦ What do you like? Why?

◦ What do you dislike?Why?

◦ What gives you life?

The answers may surprise you..

Let me know what you discovered.

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