Vision board:Where do I want to be?

Where do I want to be?

Now you have learned where you are in your life and areas that require some attention. It is important to review where you want to be because it forms the basis of setting impactful goals.

Vision boards are a great way to establish where you want to be but also a guidance tool to reflect. In the general sense a vision board is a collection of images that represent what you want to achieve.

I created my first vision board about 5 years ago when I was turning 30 years old. I was in a state of feeling unsettled and not living the way I wanted to live. It was incredible to create a vision. In a way it helped me understand I had the power to change areas of my life I was not satisfied with. When I cut out the images it enabled me to be intentional on what was important to me. Before I knew it I had CLARITY!

Roll on 5 years I have regular conversations with clients about what they have on their vision boards and question whether it reflects what they want. During sessions clients make a note of key words to add to their vision boards to help them to take action on their vision.

It is one thing to have a vision but action is needed to see it come to reality.

Shall we start a vision board?

There are many ways to create a vision board, hard copy or digital format. It depends on what format is accessible and resonates with you. The important part is the process needs to be conducted in a calm state with no interruptions. To be intentional meaning asking yourself what is it you want to create?how would you feel if the things you added to the board became real? What is important to you to see come true and why?

If you are creating a hard copy vision board:

Step 1 Get your supplies ready:

  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Cards
  • Clips
  • Pins
  • Cork board

Step 2 Collect images from magazines, books or download resources that shows where/ what you want. BE INTENTIONAL!

Step 3 Create a safe space where you can lay out the images. The environment should make you feel relaxed. If you are not feeling relaxed perhaps play some music, switch on your diffuser or light a candle.

Step 4 Start assembling your vision board draw images, write words, cut and paste images on your board with thought. If you are using a digital format use applications like Pinterest to create a board pin images/ videos on the board. Select images that make you feel a positive emotion.

  • How is your vision board looking?
  • What feelings present it self when you see your vision board?
  • Does your vision board reflect what you want?

Step 5 Make sure your vision board is visual. Store it in a place you see daily to keep you focused on the vision you created.

Now you have created your vision board set aside time to reflect on how things are going.

Use your vision board to review what has or has not come to fruition. What changes do you intend on making?

Send me pictures of your vision boards or let me know how you feel now you have created your own vision board.

Remember if you have any questions or require assistance get in touch because I am here to support you.

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