Counting my blessings

After a busy day I finally took a moment to reflect upon my day. I realised I am truly blessed. Myself and my partner walked the streets of downtown LA experiencing sights and sounds of a busy city. I noted feelings of sadness and being overwhelmed by views of homelessness and struggle. It was deeply saddening to see people in difficult times. A multitude of questions came flooding in. The overarching question was how did they end up living this life? I finally understood how close we all are to being displaced through loss of a job, mental health, addiction, relationship break down or family disputes. No one is safe from living day to day without a security net. Setting up tents under walk ways as passers by hastily scramble by without a glance of acknowledgement. Being marked with the homelessness label. I realised I need to be thankful and to make sure I express gratitude for the life I live and understand how I have the power to change. I wanted to express gratitude for what I had:

  • Able to run a hot bath.
  • Great support network.
  • See sunset.
  • Hear birds chirping.
  • Make decisions.
  • Speak my truth.

Once I recognised the blessings my mental state shifted. Instead of feeling sadness. I felt hopeful. Hopeful that there is always something to be grateful for despite current circumstances.

Here is an mini activity for you. As frequent as you can for a month list 3 things you grateful for?

Have you noticed a change in your mindset practising gratitude?

Let me know what you discovered.

Annette x

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