Be grateful…

This is an unexpected post. As I am laying in bed waiting for my cold to evaporate. I visualise being able to breath, no sneezing fits, use my body for what it was designed t do and have a clear head. At the moment I am not at my physical peak and as I have mentioned in my previous post this has taken toll on my mental health feeling unable and a burden. It is incredible how the mind can play tricks. Developing negative labels which lead to limiting beliefs. Can you see how easy it is for a negative spiral to develop? I realised I needed to start practising gratitude more than listening to meditation in the morning but to really unpick what and why I am grateful for.

Gratitude is about being grateful for what have now and improves mental well-being when practice consistently. It is important to exercise gratitude particularly when you are struggling. Negative labels knocking at the door wanting entry to your mind. From now on I will be focusing on my mental health expressing gratitude no matter what circumstances I am in. Or excuses I make.

You may ask how do I express gratitude?

You can start by answering…

1) What am I grateful for?

2) Why am I grateful for x?

3) What is your biggest accomplishment?

4) List what makes you happy.

5) List people in your life you love and why you love them.

It revealed (1) I am grateful for so much… being able to communicate, access to food, able to breathe, supportive group of friends.

(2) Why I am grateful is because I know I could be alone, not able express how I am feeling or be in worst health due to not having access to food. (3) My biggest accomplishment has been starting journey to self employment and serving others using my skills and experience working with marginalised people in society.

I took some time to think (4) what activities made me feel really warm and fussy inside. It would be reading, listening to informative podcasts, writing, planning, watching series – great British bake off, Chicago fire, power, real housewives franchise. (yes I love reality tv).

(5) I love my family, partner and friends because they have shown unconditional love. Loved me despite my flaws and showed me the path when I have been lost. Allowed me to express who I am without judgement.

When I was answering the questions I felt as though I was rediscovering myself. I had not emotionally checked in since my ill health started.

Back to you, did you try answering these questions?How do you feel?

Let me know in the comments.

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