It has been a long time

Hi all,

As the title states it has been a long time. I have not been well with a ruthless lingering viral infection. Moving between runny nose, sneezes, variable temperatures and sleepless nights and two trips to the GP to be told nothing can be done wait for my immune system to fight back.

In the throws of my poor health I watched and read countless inspirational bloggers, writers and bloggers … I had a revelation I needed to change I was not living the life I wanted to live. I like to feel strong I was not. The reality was I was not eating nourishing food or taking note of the physical symptoms with skin complaints particularly around my cheeks and jawline. Symptomatic of stress, consumption of sugary and starchy foods. Lack of energy despite not expending any energy other than to watch tv and walking to the kitchen to grab snacks to feed my emotions.

I am fighting back with an healthier outlook both mentally and physically. Exploring how I feel before racing to get a chocolate bar or cracking open a packet of crisps.

This episode of ill health was the reality check I needed to regroup and go back to basics of understanding thyself. Really applying self care in all areas of my life.

For awhile I have wanted to feel physically fit but was never really motivated. Now I feel ready to commit to myself. I devised a fitness plan. I was clear about what I could commit to but most importantly what activities I liked doing to ensure my workouts were not a chore. Through rediscovering fitness I realised I wanted to start boxing again. I am on the search for a boxing gym to attend. Exciting stuff !!

Another facet of my journey was to unpick my food intake to see what I was lacking or eating plenty off. Sure enough I was eating plenty and I was not shocked to find out I had been eating foods with little to no nutritious substance nor was I drinking the required amount of water which is highly recommended for healthy living. In a bid to get on track I used macro calculator to breakdown total calorie, fats, carbohydrates and protein intake for weight loss. I decided to make smoothies for breakfast and lunch to ensure I was consuming vegetables and fruit daily. My main evening meal consist of ingredients that are enjoyable and healthy but smaller portion size. my fitness pal will be used to track my intake to ensure I am consuming a varied diet. This post is not sponsored by the way.

Along my journey of discovering I realised I had been feeling guilty about not reading enough and limited local connections. I took the plunge and joined a local book club which I am thoroughly excited to read first book Miss Garnets Angel written by Sally Vickers. I will let you know what I think please no spoilers.

This is just the beginning of discovering myself. I realise self care is more than luxurious baths and taking a moment to read it is deeper commitment to a way of living.

Please stay tuned for my progress and tips on my journey of true self care.


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