My meditation haven

With an open mind inspiration comes from everywhere.

I was casually watching Grace F Victory vlog – My new living room & how to make a self love bath. I was inspired by Grace’s meditation space.

I thought about why I was not meditating even though I knew it would be beneficial in calming my mind. Challenge accepted…I decided to create my own meditation space. A space I could be vulnerable and alone in my thoughts.

Using Pinterest for ideas, I can across amazing spaces people had created in their homes.



From the images I saw on Pinterest I decided I wanted a cone burner to infuse my room with calming aromas, rug to comfortably rest on and natural looking candles holders to keep my meditation space serene.

I was not disappointed by Amazon…

I used my space for the first time today. The words had meaning and I lost myself in the space because I knew that space was for me. The connection was stronger. When the meditation  music finished  I remained in a meditative state a little longer and when I reawakened I felt at peace.

I would recommend creating a meditation space in your home.

Send me pictures of your meditation spaces and let me know if you felt more connected to the sounds and words.

Lets keep connected,


Checkout links below:

Grace F Victory blogger/ vlogger – MY NEW LIVING ROOM & HOW TO MAKE A SELF LOVE BATH

If you liked any of the items:

Temple Incense Cone Burner – Jointed Wood

Hannah Braime From Coping to Thriving: How to Turn Self-Care Into a Way of Life

Round Beach Towel Boho Throw Hippie Tapestry Cotton Table Cloth Meditation Yoga Mat Rugs by Raajsee (Blue Orange Mandala)

GeoFossils 4 Salt Candle Tea Light Holders (Bundle)

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