Planning to do better….

Well, in recent weeks I have been focused on self care so much so I was reading about what it is and the benefits of caring for thy self. For some reason I have fallen off the path. How do I know I had taken a detour to no self care? bad skin, feeling tired, being bloated and weight gain. I needed to know why? after reflection it was not making self care a priority. I let work, exploring opportunities to increase my alignment and purpose, feeling tired from the weather get in the way. I had forgotten to plan self care into daily routine well making it a core principle.

I took time to plan what I should be doing to look after my physical, emotional and mental well being in every day life. I have committed to at least 30 mins physical activity per day, morning ritual meditation, journaling, tracking what I eat and being hydrated as well as getting sufficient rest to enable clear thought. Most importantly being kind to myself meaning NO to multi tasking and YES to being present. It is okay to take time on each task and getting lost in what I am doing. One at a time is my motto.

How did you recognise you fell of self care path? what did you do to get back to making yourself a priority?

Please comment and share lets create self care community.

Ta xx





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