Why is it important to make self care a priority?

After a succession of tragic events … two deaths and a parental health scare. Oh my cat getting knocked down. I was left feeling lost and not trusting the world. This manifested in emotional eating to feel better and strategy to cope with the emotional turmoil. As a consequence I put on weight which affected how I felt about myself. My self esteem took a nose dive.

One day I decided I needed to dig deep as quoted by Shaune T … make a change. I started my journey of recovery in both the physical and mental sense. Along the way I made a commitment to self care. Essentially caring for myself. Excessive eating is not caring for myself. Respecting my body is self care. I needed to be kind using positive self talk and not feel guilty having me time when I was emotionally depleted. That is why Self care is important. It is a tool that has helped me start doing what makes me feel good and not compromising on my well being. This is valuable in the world we live in today.

Why is self care important to you?

Please comment and share.


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