A little bit about self care

In order to understand why self care is good. We should define what is meant by self care. There are so many definitions of self care so I have kept it simple.

What is self care?

Self care is about an individual trying to obtain optimal wellness in physical health and emotional well being (goodtherapy.org, 2016).

Definition of self care according to The Self Care Forum:

‘The actions that individuals take for themselves, on behalf of and with others in order to develop, protect, maintain and improve their health, wellbeing or wellness’ (selfcareforum.org, 2018).

I agree with the above definitions however on a personal level Self care means taking care of my needs in all areas of my life and checking in REGULARLY. Regularly is in capital and bold to emphasise that it is still a work in process for me and also what is needed for self care to be effective. The term regularly is relative to the individual and what they are happy with.

What does Self care look like?

It is important to acknowledge what self care looks like. The acts of self care come in many forms. It can include getting a manicure, hair cut or simply having a few precious moments to reflect on how you are feeling. On an deeper level self care also includes managing relationships through forming healthy boundaries to positively impact upon your life.

Below are a few ideas to help you start your self care journey;

1 Meditate.

2 Move – try an physical activity that you enjoy and challenging.

3 Burn candles.

4 Journal.

5 Take timeout in nature.

6 Read.

7 Listen to music.

8 Affirmations

9 Simplify life.

10 Sleep.


On sliding scale of self care it moves from daily choices such as attending to personal hygiene , dental care through to making healthy choices e.g regular exercise. Self care also touches upon taking care of self when unwell such as utilising herbal remedies or over the counter medication and seeking medical advice. It has been reported that self care has wider benefits on how services within NHS are used (selfcareforum.org, 2018).

Benefits of using Self care?

1 Energy boost.

2 Positive mindset.

3 Improved sense of self.

4 Self esteem.

5 Improvement in concentration.

6 Changes in physical health.

7 Better interpersonal relationships.

8 Better quality of life.

9 Renewed self respect.

10 Prevention pf illnesses.

It has been reported by Mind that an robust routine can reduce symptoms of mental health difficulties:

stay aware of your mental health

nourish your social life

try peer support

make time for therapeutic activities

look after your physical health

contact a specialist organisation

(Mind.org.uk, 2013).

What are the possibilities if self care is not used?

Well without an effective routine an individual may experience a decline in mental and physical state in response to not identifying and managing their needs.

Now that the basics of Self care has been covered it is time to connect.

It would be interesting to know what your personal definitions of self care are? any self care routines that are working well that can be shared with others.

Please leave comment. All debates are healthy.

Next blog post A closer look at Self care routine

Until next time,




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